Purple Helmet

Music – especially in this town – is as eclectic as the cats and kittens that have plied their music up and down the sometimes seedy streets, a mix as thick as the thieves that they walk among. Some are giants that still cast shadows, and some are like these guys, zoned in and hot in the scene they themselves were helping refine, followed by the inevitable breakup and scattering after the strain and thin gruel becomes too much to continue. Some of the stuff that has survived in WAV files and scratched CD’s has aged well, and some, like these guys, are a stark reminder of the cultural icons that would be hauled down and smashed in the streets of today’s Orwellian Fuckland of rules. Loud, fast and fun, these rude, crude arch-types of the Dice Clay era posses what can only be described as pure legitimacy of illegitimacy – dig? Either way, the writing was on the wall, and seeing as producer Ryan had a longstanding friendship and working relationship with the band – we asked them in on the condition that they surrender their electric instruments and full stage drum kits and stacks of amps at the door to perform in a softer, gentler fashion to better suit the soft and mushy times we live in. Here they are – the real deal off the bottom of the deck , dirty and disrespectfully disgusting – PURPLE HELMET on Barber Shop Podcast.