Shjaane Glover

The sweetest thing about doing this show is being constantly and continually reminded of just how much great unheard and unheralded music lies lost in the noise, real and soulful offerings to an oft disinterested and disillusioned audience. Generationally wise, Shjaane Glover lies in the sweet spot of difference makers – he of parents who support excellence in art as well as all life’s endevours as parents are apt to do. Being fostered in an enviornment such as this saw the young lad start the process of turning the coveted guitar into a melody maker – a dreamscaper and the ticket to ride into his twenties. Stylistically, the kid has it down, a legitimate and nuanced blend of so many golden-era singer-songwriters while forging a sound he can legitimately call his own. He writes with an aplomb and maturity that allows for the listener to buy in whole heatedly either solo or with the most excellent rock outfit JASCO of which he is a member – without too much up in the air or on the fence. Having friends and making the rounds, it wasn’t long before Glover was gigging, recording and now….promoting. Dropping by on a warm summer Wednesday in the great city of Hamilton, Shjaane Glover (Pronounced Shane) took full advantage of the coveted Barber Shop Podcast “Ghetto Pass” we provide out-of-towners, and we welcomed a young man, his guitar, his music and his story – as real and unique as the last one – on Barber Shop Podcast.