Trout Lily

Brent Barber has the name and Joan Krygsman has the beauty and together they give voice to Trout Lily. Evoking the whimsical and channeling the purest of streams, this twosome make music the old fashioned way, Never one to shy away from a challenge, the two are nonetheless, shy folks at heart. The almost cryptic manner in which an empath draws energy and imagery provides both the texture and perspective of the arrangement but also many times the voices and energies in the echosphere that make progression a bit perilous or tedious. Sharing the emotional and musical workload provides the work bench on which Trout Lily have begun to craft their own history and in time, their own legacy. Some things come easier than others in this life, and when you get the pleasure of hanging out with a couple of grounded and interesting folks who can spin a tune or two – well, that’s the making of another great night at BOXO Studio on Barber Shop Podcast.