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Welcome to my shop. Let me cut your mop. The name is Kevin Barber. I hope you will feel free to read my thoughts on pretty well anything going on in the world today - inside and outside my head. So pal, how do you like it?

Vaporizer recording

Episode 21 of Barber Shop Podcast finds the Alec Baldwin of the show Mike Holler along with guitar slinger and fellow Hamilton soldier Craig Gory take the next step in our relationship with The VAPORIZER – recording a demo. There are 1,000 ways to record a song, and this is not one of them. Well, unless you’re us that is. Two weeks ago a few nuggets were born from a writing session two weeks earlier and one was chosen to record online  live for all to see. It’s a relaxed night at BOXO Studio as Kevin, Ryan, Mike and Craig take the bare bones of a tune and multiple-track it old school. Shits and giggles ensue as an anthem to a obelisk of group worship, The VAPORIZER. It takes balls and talent to pull this kind of shit off and you’re about to be chin deep in both on part 2 of our version of the birth of a song.

Now sit down.


Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Shit happens. And she a shit is what you make it, Scheduled guest Steve Foster was struck down but Kev and Ryan are more than willing to step up to the plate with an impromptu show for the ages. 

2003 was a year of fire and fury, perhaps the last great year of in your face, balls to the wall, bar rock n roll on a regular basis. Smoking and snorting and drinking and screwing was the order of the day and the boys were there to set the fuse. Listen in as Ryan and Kevin tell the Captain Easy story like you were there. 

Cuz you are there.


Craig Gory, Mike Holler, Mike Rittenhouse, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Well…. It could have been worse, much worse.

The idea was to try out the new uploading speed with a video podcast streamed live to You Tube. To risk a band’s reputation with untried technology would be risky – but not as risky as what we decided to try to pull off on Barber Shop Podcast Episode  19. Why not put three musicians, the two of us, and a whole lotta booze in one room and try to create something from scratch. None of these guys have ever sat down with each other before now, and the task of setting up and sitting down was one we relished.

Join us as Mike Holler, Craig Gory and Mike Rittenhouse see if there is any truth to the story that songs are just waiting there to be written.  The boys talk about what makes a good song then try to actually risk tragedy by mixing music and alcohol in a mission to see what the hell happens when universes collide.
It could have been much worse..


Part 1

Part 2


Dave Rave, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

No look at Hamilton rock n roll can be complete without taking a long hard look at Mr. Dave DeRoches, aka, Dave Rave.  The Raver has been singing and playing since he was a child, and when a 15 yr. old Frankie Kerr (Venom) asked him to jam in high school, a career that spans 40 years began in earnest.  A founding member of The Shakers, Dave’s involvement in the Hamilton punk/power pop scene included a long relationship playing with Teenage Head and then launched him to New York City to become a force that grew in chops and influence. Working relationships with Coyote Shivers and Lauren Agnelli began projects that still bear fruit today.

Dave is home in Hamilton for a bit and he’s here at Kevin’s Barber Shop to play some history, new and old, live and recorded. Tickled pink to be hanging out with one if the truly great ones.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Dave Rave!


Steve Negus, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Fifty years as a top-flite drummer will bestow upon you all the wisdom and chops required to make yourself a name in the Canadian landscape of musical legends. In the case of Steve Negus, playing relentlessly in the Toronto club scene in the 70’s with bands like Shelter, proved just the education needed to answer the call to sit behind the kit for the group Pockets, soon to change their name to SAGA. Pioneering a brand of R&B infused prog rock, SAGA was a Canadian phenomenon into the 80’s and retains a huge following with their seminal release Worlds Apart recently going platinum in the U.S. (1,000,000 copies).

A multiple gold record and Juno recipient, Steve Negus is also a Hamilton based producer and engineer who makes great recordings at Blue Room Studio where he works his craft to perfection – like he always has.

This show in smokin as we play three cuts from Steve’s solo album Dare to Dream, one from Jerry Johnson’s Barber’s Chair and a surprise slice of vinyl from Selina Martin.

Steve Negus is in the Barber Shop Podcast chair getting real with Ryan and Kevin. Don’t miss this one!



Mackenzie Kristjon, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Mackenzie Kristjon is hard to define and be likes it that way. A Icelandic Norseman who lays down his own brand of rock n roll that touches on history and histrionics.
Pixies hang with Neil Young and David Bowie and are raised with the huldufolk in Winnipeg.  That kid is raised in a supportive musical family, and grows into a young man making music in the bright southern Ontario lights of Guelph. Here we are, in Hamilton, the volcano is thrown another brick of fire. Mac has a sound and sensibility that speaks of life with inflections ranging from Sabbath to the Salads.
Something cool is happening at Kevin’s Barber Shop with Ryan and Kevin bobbing and weaving with the smart, funny and oh so real – Mackenzie Kristjon.



Jack Pedler, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Jack Pedler is…well…Jack Pedler. An altogether one of a kind, Jack has been at the top of his musical game for fifty years now. Gigging out at age 11, Jack Pedler comes from a musical family, his drumming both evocative and unique. Strip joints, rock and roll royalty, have all served as venues and vehicles to showcase this drummer’s drummer over the years. While serving as timekeeper to so many musicians Jack has amassed a résumé that is unparalleled in so many ways.

Jack plays with so many great people, you’d be forgiven for not knowing he’s a prolific writer and solo recording artist as well.

Come on and take a bit to find out what makes this deeply deep man tick, how being smart and dumb, ugly and beautiful, political and perverse can be done.

Uncensored, all out – at the Barber Shop Podcast


Cadillac Bill, Mike Holler, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon


It’s hard to find a more unique cat in the music game, let alone someone so hard to pigeon hole. Gobsmacked by the visual and sonic excess of Gary Glitter and Kiss, a young Bill Boyd Wilson knew damn well that his future would involve fire, lights, explosions,….and bubbles.
Cadillac Bill can’t be called a musician. He’s a performance artist that uses music as one of his vehicles of expression – and the topics he expresses range from murder to cannibalism.
This weeks Barber Shop Podcast sees Bill sit down with long time conspirator and wickedly funny Mike Holler and talks to Kevin and Ryan about the life and times of Cadillac Bill, showing off his latest DVD – The Cadillac Bill Story.
If you tire of the same old-same old, then you need to tune into this episode and learn about life in the fringes. Way out fringes.


Tommy Gunn, Kirk Douglas, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Tommy Gunn is about Hamilton rock n roll. The son of legendary sax player and music icon Sonny Del Rio, Tommy Gunn grew up in the thick of it. One gets to know a thing or two about performance and production when surrounded by people like Kelly Jay, Richard Newell, Ray Materick and Jack Pedler, It’s safe to say there was a good idea about good music in the house. Release The Hounds, a 13 song CD is something altogether unique and nicely familiar at the same time. High grade rock like Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath were strong influences on Tommy Gunn as he worked with some of Hamilton’s elite such as Neil Nickafor and Mark Gemmell on the recording of Release The Hounds at Cellar Full Of Noise studio. Rock and Roll has got a friend in Tommy Gunn, and he’s here with his manager, Kirk Douglas to talk about music and life – being good.